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Equipment: YYB Viscous Oil Pump
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Others
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Description: Type YYB viscous oil belonging to cam type volume pump is new product improved on the base of Type TLB viscous oil pump. With wide viscosity applying range from 0.02Pa.S to 100Pa.S, the media may be conveyed. It is noted for its low rotational speed, high effciency, stead work, strong self-suction, easy p/operation, and allowable pump''''s preheating as well. It is an ideal conveying equipment for the industries as petrochemistry, grease, asphalt, foodstuff and light industry, etc. Note: When medium temperature is T>150oC~300oC, Please make clear whele place an order, Ptherwise well provide accor, to 150oC. If you need one with heat preservation sandwich. Also please make clear while place an order.
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