Jiangsu Jiang Feng Fluorine Alloy Pump Co. Ltd.
Name:Jiangsu Jiang Feng Fluorine Alloy Pump Co. Ltd.
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Equipment: ZXB self-absorbing pump
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Centrifugal Pump
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Description: This pump is made of fluoroplastics alloy lining,it is a state newtype patent,patent No.90227231.4. Technical traits: There is warm cover in pump casing, storage liquid chamber between worm cover and pump casing adopts thread to link up vane wheel and pump axle, line a coat of fluoroplastics alloy in flowing part, when starting, firstly drain off liquid of storage liquid chamber and vane wheel, form negative pressure within worm cover, liquid is absorbed into suction pipe to worm cover because of negative pressure, reach to aims of self-absorbing operation. The property of pump: Needn''''t draw water, strong stain resistance, newtype structure, reliable property, easy to operate and maintain, save energy resources, widely used for metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, electron-plating, dyestuff, paint, paper, foodstuff, synthetic fiber etc. Transport marious acids, bases, oxidants and organic solvent etc.
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