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Name:Jiangsu Jiang Feng Fluorine Alloy Pump Co. Ltd.
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Equipment: FSB Fluorine plastic alloy centrifugal pump
Equipment Type: Pumps And Valves -> Centrifugal Pump
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Description: 86.3.5 No. 43 the adoption of national patent materials, design and production of the FSB cantilever fluorine plastic alloy centrifugal pump, for-80OC-200OC temperature conditions, the long-range transport of arbitrary concentration of acids, oxidizing agents and other corrosive media , non-corrosive, non-aging, non-toxin. . The product of high mechanical strength, reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, the use of easy maintenance, smooth flow channel, high efficiency, energy saving, 90-year high-quality products won the provinces and provincial Taurus Award for best new product, 91-year state-level new products. . This product is a total of 23 series of specifications, flow, head wide. Applicable to petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, acid wash, dye, paint, smelting, paper making, electroplating, food industry, transport liquid, stop running, take, , leak, is to build the ideal civilization plant equipment
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